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Time Capsule

How Researchers Cracked an 11-Year-Old Password to a $3 Million Crypto Wallet

Thanks to a flaw in a decade-old version of the RoboForm password manager and a bit of luck, researchers were able to unearth the password to a crypto wallet containing a fortune.
Ballot Bots

Indian Voters Are Being Bombarded With Millions of Deepfakes. Political Candidates Approve

India’s elections are a glimpse of the AI-driven future of democracy. Politicians are using audio and video deepfakes of themselves to reach voters—who may have no idea they’ve been talking to a clone.
Mass Disruption

The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry

Originally published in January, 2008: This 4.8-ounce sliver of glass and aluminum is an explosive device that has forever changed the mobile-phone business, wresting power from carriers and giving it to manufacturers, developers, and consumers.
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